Private sale kick-off

May 21 2018, 12:00 PM GMT

The global blockchain platform enabling the very first protocol for directed money

  • Directed Money takes many forms: gift cards, consumer credit to buy a specific type of product, insurance pay-outs, discount vouchers, loyalty schemes, welfare spending.
  • Current implementations of Directed Money are costly and inefficient. Typically, they are centralized and card or paper-based.
  • MoneyTrack digitalizes and decentralizes directed money thanks to smart contract implementation and registration on a blockchain to provide with easier market access and lower operating expenses.
  • MoneyTrack’s open protocol will drive the emergence of new use-cases accessible to everyone to easily operate unlimited directed money applications.

A distributed platform for directed money to create and transfer any form of non-fungible money

  • The MoneyTrack solution allows to manage exchanges between issuers, financers, beneficiaries and merchants, and to setup Directed Money programs with configurable characteristics, pricing and commission structure.
  • For each MoneyTrack transaction, a small service fee is charged and carried by the equivalent MTK token value. Participants will need more MTK when their business grows. In the long term, MTK price shall be correlated with the total volume processed in the platform.
  • MTK carry the terms of the Directed Money program and flow through the financer’s, beneficiaries' and merchants' wallets.
  • Smart contracts store rules, validate transactions, set off merchant's refund by financer, and guarantee full auditability, security and confidentiality.
  • The user interface is compound of a business web application and API centric connected with the business.

Cryptography and mathematics to combine public auditability with business confidentiality

  • The MoneyTrack project brings together experts in various fields: software engineering, cryptocurrency, cryptography, formal proof and finance.
  • Building a platform that can securely handle large financial flows leads to solve numbers of technical challenges: security, scalability and high availability.
  • Our researchers team apply the latest breakthrough in code static analysis and formal mathematics proof to insure blockchain security and reliability.
  • The smart contracts are run on the Tezos ledger, whose prototype was developed by OCamlPro, particularly adapted to design static code analysis and extract efficient and strong runtime properties for the contracts.
  • The conformity of transactions is assessed by verification of state-less properties giving no information about the parties and the nature of their contracts to insure the perfect trade-off between privacy and verifiability.